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Jacco Gardner Playlist
From Hoorn, Netherlands, we have a playlist by neo-psych, baroque pop artist Jacco Gardner. Jacco is a multi instrumentalist and a music producer, and his auditory creations will transcend you into a ‘psychedelic wonderland.’  His 2013 album, Cabinet Of Curiosities, is the perfect soundtrack for outdoor excursions, or reading a novel over tea, or getting lost daydreaming - or all of those things at once! 

Now enjoy getting lost in the Jacco Gardner playlist

1. Basil Kirchin ∆ I Start Counting
"I love the cinematic qualities of this song, it gives it a dream-like atmosphere."
2. Richard Twice ∆ If I Knew You Where The One
"Great flute + tape echo combination."
3. Eden Ahbez ∆ Full Moon  
"I listened to this album a lot when I was playing on an island called San Simon in Galicia, Spain. It always reminds me of that time."
4. Bernard Fevre ∆ Pendulum
"This reminds me a little of Mort Garson here and there but more minimal and more structured/rhythmic which I like."
5. Ellison ∆ Strawberry Rain
"Love both grooves in this song and the sounds blend so well. Especially the drum sound is just perfect."
6. Nancy And Paddy ∆ Owl Ritual
"Found this track on an compilation that I don’t know anything about, but I really dig it."
7. Pearls Before Swine ∆ Raindrops  
"Had to add some Pearls Before Swine stuff to the playlist. Tom Rapp is a great inspiration for me."
9. Mike Oldfield ∆ Peace Demo B  
"Found these Mike Oldfield demo’s on Spotify and actually prefer this over Tubular Bells and anything else he did."
10. Kid Rock ∆ Ice Cream Man  
"Weird song that is very much like Mark Wirtz’s Teenage Opera, but better."
Bonus: Duncan Browne ∆ The Martlet
"This is from the second album of Duncan Browne. First album blew my mind when I first heard it and so did the second."

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