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Linwood Playlist
 Patrick Sprague of the Columbus, Ohio band, Linwood, mixed up a playlist for us! Linwood [Patrick Sprague + David Rourke] state that their goal is to make amazing music that people connect with, and that message is heard loud-and-clear in the tracks on Closer To Clear, their heartfelt album released this past April. Our man Andrew Goldring of Great Interstate [playlist here!] also produced and features guitar work on the album. Give it a listen, and be on the look out for a new album in December and shows to follow. 

And now presenting, The Linwood Playlist featuring commentary by Patrick Sprague:

1. Copeland ∆ Take Care
If you really want to understand a bit of Linwood’s sound, there’s a hefty helping of Copeland in here. They were in heavy rotation in our formative years. And, though we’re painting ourselves cliche to say so, their earlier stuff is the best. 
2. Walk the Moon ∆ I Can Lift a Car
I had a night, last September, on the most perfect of crisp, fall evenings, where we were in Detroit for the weekend. We had been all over the US for the entirety of the summer, and Walk The Moon (who also hails from our beloved buckeye state) had been on steady repeat for the last few months. We grabbed some dinner at a pub downtown, walked outside after, and lo, and behold, Walk the Moon was headlining St. Andrew’s Hall across the street. Naturally, we headed over. What makes this great though, is that we somehow got let in free to the show, caught their entire set and a few beers to boot, and danced like maniacs. This is a feel good song from a feel good band that takes me right back to a perfect night in the midwest. 
3. The Elms ∆ Back to Indiana 
This band is the sound of where we grew up, amidst corn fields and small towns, high school homecomings and auto parts stores. This is band that called it quits truly at their peak, and I simultaneously love and hate them for it. 
4. Jimmy Eat World ∆ 23 
This may be up there on my all-time favorite song list. Jimmy Eat World had a lot to do with shaping my musical taste buds, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I think the opening guitar riff on this song is simplistically beautiful. It’s elegant. I love their guitar tones, the way the lyrics make your heart literally ache, and the imperfect perfections to Jim’s voice on this tune. 
5. Plus/Minus ∆ Summer Dress 1 
If you were taking a car ride with me, on a summery evening, we’d probably listen to this song. 
6. Two Door Cinema Club // RAC ∆ Something Good Can Work [RAC Mix]
This song just feels good in your ears. 

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