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AJ Woods Playlist

I am extremely honored to share this special playlist from the very talented AJ Woods out of our mutual home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is so amazing to see such incredible talent coming out of the town that originally had my heart, and see that the music and art scene there is continuing to grow and thrive. AJ Woods is absolutely no exception. His music is hauntingly beautiful and timeless, and it will be excellent to see where he goes from here. 

1. Van Morrison ∆ Into the Mystic
This song played at my mother’s funeral 10 years ago. It was her favorite song. She taught me the value of every thing. Art and music were no exception. 
2. Madeline Johnston // Mariposa ∆ She Had Some Horses
Madeline aka “Mariposa,” “Sister Grotto” is an incredible musician, songwriter, and performer. Her music doesn’t play by anyone elses “rules,” and is completely free from the typical restraints. She does what satisfies her creative interests above all. Maddie runs Tinyamp Records out of Denver, CO, and has issued my most recent album on cassette, something that I’m very grateful for. 
3. Handsome Family ∆ Darling My Darling
"Darling My Darling" is like a love story told from a perspective other than human. Somehow how though, this is a very human song. It reminds me that the emotion of love is likely not exclusive to human beings. The arrangement, sound, and deliverance of this song is superb. The Handsome Family knows how to capture the wonders of the natural world in a very relative way, especially on their new album "Wilderness". The box set comes with a book of short stories written by Rennie Sparks that will render you speechless, paralyzed by the wandering your inner mind, and deeply inspired.
4. Jason Molina // Songs: Ohia ∆ Hold On Magnolia
On separate occasions, a hand full of different people have told me that my music reminds them of the music of Jason Molina. Since I didn’t know about his music until recently, I didn’t understand how truly fine of a compliment that was. His music is authentic, beautiful, and haunting. He certainly didn’t get the credit he deserved during his life and died recently, sadly.
5. Rodriguez ∆ Cause
Sixto Rodriguez lived humbly and did hard labor all his life in Detroit. Recently his music was rediscovered. The song “Cause” brings a tear. It’s just cool to see him getting recognized, long overdue obviously. I’m glad that I’ve been able to hear his music.
6. Julie Byrne ∆ Marmalade
"Marmalade" is just a really beautiful song. Dream like. I got a cassette from Julie when she toured here last year. It was totally refreshing and just floored me. 
7. Bill Callahan ∆ The Breeze
I saw Bill Callahan perform in Albuquerque at the Launch Pad two years ago, It was his “Apocalypse” tour. His performance has just stayed with me ever since. We don’t get a lot of music in NM on that calibre. His version of “The Breeze” from a Kath Bloom compilation tribute album is amazing.
8. Townes Van Zandt ∆ Highway Kind
I love nothing more than to travel and share my music with new people and the getting there is half the fun. My girlfriend Kristin bought me the Townes Van Zandt box set “Sunshine Boy” as a gift. Every song is deeply moving and raw sounding. “My days they are the highway kind, they only come to leave, but the leaving I don’t mind, it’s the coming that I crave / pour the sun upon the ground, stand to throw a shadow, watch it grow into a night and fill a spinning sky”- TVZ “Highway Kind.” 
9. Jimi Hendrix Experience ∆ Castles Made of Sand
Jimi Hendrix gets all the credit in the world for being the very best guitar player that ever lived. Songs like “Castles Made of Sand” show that he was one of the very best song writers who ever lived. I think people forget that too often. Hendrix was my childhood hero, he still is in many ways.
10. Leonard Cohen ∆ Avalanche
Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche” has more gravity than a Black Hole. It sucks you in and stretches you out of this existence. He’s a master of the craft.
11. Palace Music ∆ New Partner
I found “Viva Last Blues” in a free pile at an Easter Party last year. I never get tired of listening to it. Every song is awesome. It’s an honest record, very warm. I always find artists and records that I love and later find out that Steve Albini produced them. He has a way of just letting people do their thing and of capturing it.  
12. Bruce Springsteen ∆ My Father’s House
The album “Nebraska” completely changed my view of Bruce Springsteen. A friend recommended it to me. I just didn’t get it until I took his advice and bought this album for ten dollars in an antique mall. What a gift Springsteen has for telling a good story from his own perspective or otherwise. The lo-fi, solo, raw echo of this album is unlike anything I’ve experienced. The entire album is amazing. It was hard to chose between the songs, “Highway Patrolman” and “My Father’s House”. I like haunting music. 
13) Wildewood ∆ Spinning

The sound and feel of this song is euphoric. Incredible band and incredible people. Their music is no different.
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