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The Bilinda Butchers Playlist
Super hyped that Michal, of the San Francisco dream pop band, The Bilinda Butchers, made today’s tasty playlist: Michal01 MixtapeMichal also wrote about his inspirations for choosing each of the tracks.

The Bilinda Butchers, composed of Michal, Adam, and recently added drummer, Ryan, write gorgeously dreamy, electronic, ambient songs, which you can listen to on their EP albums, Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams and Goodbyes. They are currently working on a highly anticipated new album, Heaven. 

Now for Michal01 Mixtape:

01. BB Right ∆ Funky Radio
It’s hard to find the time to play video games like I used to, but recently I found myself alongside my producer and bandmates playing Jet Grind Radio in between recording sessions for our new record. I love how tough this song sounds in the beginning and then it changes to this cool kinda jazzy laid back vocoder. 可愛い!

02. Massive Attack ∆ Blue Line
I just got into Massive Attack after being introduced by my producer and drummer. Cool and calm, tricky’s the man. Flawlessly executed, I really admire how easy this song sounds. 

03. Tsutchie ∆ yet? why not?
A track from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. The entire soundtrack being a huge influence on our new record “Heaven 天国.” I love the context the song is given in the show; it’s a sort of fast traveling montage song. Every time I hear it, I feel relaxed and ready to move forward! Im in the zone!

04. Tsutchie ∆ mists ft. Fat Jon
Another track from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. This song is the apex of cool beats. I always wish to myself that this song would be playing every time I enter a bar or club, so every time I do a DJ set this song is played. 

05. Uio Loi ∆ Shaman
A hidden gem, and still relatively unknown musical genius. Uio Loi is an artist on my label Zoom Lens. Shaman was on his last release with us. Every track is in a different world, sometimes scary and other times beatiful. All equally brilliant. I love how dirty and gritty things sound. He is the master of not caring and making it sound good. 

06. Zazen Boys ∆ Honnoji
When I was visiting in Japan I had the fortune to visit Amami, an island that is part of the south cluster islands of Japan. My good friend Juri who lives on the island picked my girlfriend and I up from the airport as a Typhoon was approaching the island. With strong winds and rain approaching, we moved quickly along the island banks to her home. This song constantly playing, always on repeat. This was the theme to my stay there. Methodic and militaristic I feel so much ease when i hear this song. I feel complete and focused. I know what I need to do. I know what I need. I know how to get what I need. Its all a matter of steps. One by one I can achieve my task. Everything became clear on Amami. 

07. Lamp ∆ 心の窓辺に赤い花を飾って
Lamp are a indie jazz pop band from Japan, who I am fortunate to be friends with. When I visited Japan Taiyo, the guitar player of Lamp gave me the record from which this song is from. It was always difficult for me to listen to Lamp because of how beautiful the songs were. I felt a pain from how pretty the songs were that inhibited me from listening for such a long time. When I received this record from Taiyo, I finally sat down and listened to it many times all the way through. This song has so many different parts that in my opinion define beauty. Lamp is the most beautiful and complex band I have ever listened to. Their songs are the most beautiful songs in the world. They are a gift to the world. 

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